About Me, the Artist

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Small Town Girl

 I was born in 1969 and am a 2nd generation Swede and a 3rd generation  Norwegian who grew up on Mitkoff Island in Southeast Alaska. Petersburg;  the sole community on this small island is known as "Little  Norway." Growing up in this picturesque town, it was impossible not to  have my art influenced by my heritage and my environment. My mom and dad, both commercial fisherman, are artists in their own rights  and my style was and still is deeply impacted because of this. I've been happily married since 1988 and am a  mama to two beautiful children ages 27 and  29 and a Nana to Harlan (Boog) and Marshall (Mum-Mum).  My artistic  personality has developed over time, trials and my life's adventures.

I use traditional  and authentic materials imported from Sweden to create Sámi bracelets  for women and men alike. Each piece of this handcrafted jewelry is  meticulously handmade, by me, using centuries old techniques in order for  to present to you a very beautifully authentic and much  loved piece of Scandinavian history and tradition. 

Hiding under the covers, Optimus knows it's time to follow me on another Nomadic Artistry adventure.

Never Without Optimus Prime

Posie (Optimus Prime) accompanies me in everything I do. She may not be an artist, but she is my Service Dog who has changed my life in ways I can not articulate. She sits at my feet in the studio while I create your special order (bracelet, necklace, or...). She rides on my shoulders in the Jeep on the way to galleries and Art Walks. She  diligently sits on her directors chair at the festivals quietly keeping watch and "princessing". One thing you can always count on; Posie will always, always be around.

Augusta and Vinnie celebrating their 30th anniversary.

And Then There's This Guy

Vinnie and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary! He is an ever present fixture with me and Nomadic Artistry. Whenever it's time to pack the truck, count the cards or take inventory, this guy is the one that can always be counted on. He is a back of the house kind of guy, but during the shows he can always be counted on to help you choose the perfect bracelet or necklace or whatever else might grab your fancy!